Area of Responsibilities

Airport Armed Police (AAP) is empowered to ensure internal security, arrest armed terrorists, recover arms & explosives, and any other responsibility endowed upon by the government as per Section 6 of the Armed Police Battalion Ordinance, 1979. As per the discussions at the meeting dated 20 May 2010 presided over by the Principal Secretary Prime Minister's Office, Airport Armed Police was deployed on 01 June, 2010 vide a letter of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. Later on, all concerned authorities were sent letters from the Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism to provide assistance to the Armed Police in disposing their services to secure the airport and taking necessary actions. Airport Armed Police performs the responsibility of securing the airport independently under the guidance of the Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh. According to the memos issued from Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism and Police Headquarters, Airport Armed Police has been entrusted with the following responsibilities:

Ensuring Overall Security

Ensuring overall security of the airport by preventing any type of subversive acts, illegal trespass of unwanted and unauthorized persons, preventing luggage pilferage/theft and protecting passengers from any sort of harassment at the airport.


Collection of intelligence and identification of probable criminals utilizing state of the art technologies in different areas of airport, including Arrival & Departure parking areas, conveyor belt, hangar and tarmac areas

General Checking

Searching & general checking at all entries and inside the airport and examining travel documents, luggage or body of suspicious persons / passengers.

Legal Actions

Taking up necessary legal actions after investigations of any incident regarding luggage theft/pilferage, smuggling, unclaimed luggage, passenger harassment, etc.


Coordination with other agencies working at the airport regarding any subversive activities, prevention of militancy or any other security related threats.

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