Specialized Teams – Units of AAP

In order to ensure total security of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, several teams and specialized units have been established under the organizational structure of Airport Armed Police (AAP).

Guarding & Checking Team

Guarding and Checking Team: There are aspects of physical security for any airport installation and it requires crowd and traffic management as well. AAP eyes to introduce modern technologies to ensure the effective guarding and checking procedures of the travelers, visitors and officials at airport. Recently, AAP has introduced Under Vehicle Surveillance System, first of […]

Intelligence & Surveillance Team

Intelligence and Surveillance Team: AAP takes steps to engage Intelligence and Surveillance Team to collect advance information regarding any subversive, anti-state and criminal activities including smuggling.

Crisis Response Team (CRT)

Crisis Response Team (CRT): Establishment of Crisis Response Team is another endeavor of AAP.  Crisis Response Team has been raised and trained in the line of SWAT of DMP to deal with any emergency situation at airport including mass destruction, hostage crisis etc.

Anti Human Trafficking Unit

Human trafficking has become a matter of great concern in the South Asian region. Every year, thousands of people, especially women and children are trafficked illegally and the traffickers sometimes use the airport for their evil purpose. AAP Anti Human Trafficking Unit is concerned about the issue and tries its best to reduce the rate […]

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