Successes of AAP

Immediately after taking the charge, Airport Armed Police managed to establish itself in a respectable height by the sincere and prudent execution of duty. AAP officers offered much dedication to establish Hazrat shahjalal International Airport a safer place. From very onset, AAP figured out various problems and accordingly put efforts to find some solutions which paved the way to present the new look currently the airport has compared to that prior to the deployment of AAP.

Reduction of Luggage Pilferage, theft, passenger’s and visitors harassment

AAP first started working on the aim at reducing pilferage and theft of valuable luggage of the valued passengers which was a common phenomenon at that time. Subsequently AAP has succeeded in reducing the pilferage and theft to a minimum, thanks to the sincerest duty performed by AAP  members around the belt areas. Almost all […]

Freeing illegal parking areas

Before deployment of AAP, the car parking area in front of arrival terminal 1 and 2 were being used as a source of illegal income where middlemen could park their cars illegally. AAP in a special drive freed the occupied car parking which enhanced the beauty of the airport as well as reduced the chance […]

Special Security Service during International Program

Airport Armed Police took special security arrangements for the participating teams and officials of ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 which earned much praises and attentions from the media and all corners. AAP provided high standard of security at the airport during arrival and departure of the teams and officials. In addition to ICC World Cup […]

Database Management

AAP has been successful in building criminal database in its own system. After being deployed in Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, AAP arrested few hundred thieves, illegal currency dealers, drug dealers, human traffickers, money launderers and many unauthorized persons who were considered to be hazards to the airport security. AAP maintains a detailed database of all […]

Additional Services

During the emergency situation of Libya in 2011, Airport Armed Police provided special assistance to the Bangladeshi workers arriving at the airport. A good number of AAP members were deployed at the arrival immigration area to help the ill-fated workers to fill out their immigration cards. In addition to that, AAP has been providing special […]

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