Sharif Uddin Ahmed PPM


The Second in Command of Airport Armed Police is Mr. Sharif Uddin Ahmed, PPM. He joined Bangladesh Civil Service through 24th BCS on 2nd July 2005.

Mr. Sharif Uddin Ahmed was born in the district of Mymensingh in 1975. After attaining Master of Science (MSc) degree from Bangladesh Agricultural University, he joined Bangladesh Police. He received training in several police related issues in order to serve the citizens better. He successfully completed Police Financial Management Course, Cyber Security Awareness Course, Crime Scene Management Course, Active Mobile Tracker Course and other important courses.

Mr. Sharif Uddin Ahmed served in two United Nations (UN) mission in Congo and Sudan.  He joined in Airport Armed Police in 2015 and since then serving as the Operational Commander.

Sharif Uddin Ahmed PPM

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